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Local Councils Update - the Clerks Essential Legal Library.

Local Councils Update deals concisely with the legal, parliamentary, consultation papers, financial and accounting matters, powers and remit, health and safety, expenses, salaries, liabilities, planning, borrowing, and other legislative matters that are within the remit of the Town, Parish and Community Councils of England and Wales.

It is published monthly and is available both as a hard copy and electronically on this site.

ALL past editions of Local Councils Update are available here.

New pages are added monthly, providing a unique searchable library service for clerks and members of local councils across England and Wales. In addition Legal Matters from Clerks & Councils Direct are published online.

A subscription allows full use of the powerful search facility. This means that detailed answers and background information on issues raised and affecting individual councils can be immediately and accurately researched and printed off at any time.

Through this site clerks can provide members with detailed answers, secure in the knowledge that the library has been "read" for legislation, guidance and discussion on the requested topics.Copy of update

Subscribers may print off unlimited copies for their meetings, keeping councillors up-to-date on constantly changing legal matters. This website will ensure that you are updated easily and efficiently.

The subscription of only £120pa includes a hard copy of Local Councils Update every month.

The comprehensive list of over 200 Useful Organisations is accessible via a click-through facility giving direct access to a wealth of advice and information.

To download a subscription application form CLICK HERE.