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Local Councils Update (about us)


Local Councils Update has been a reliable legal information resource for local council clerks since May 2000.

Sadly, due to economic circumstances April 2024 was the last issue to be published.

The total content of Local Councils Update will remain available on the website free of charge for registered members.

Legal Matters from each edition of Clerks & Councils Direct will continue to be uploaded.

This does not affect Clerks & Councils Direct, which is still highly popular.

Thank you for your past support and thank you to Paul Clayden from 2000-2012 and Isobel Shepherd-Smith from 2012 to date for their professional editing of the publication.

Local Councils Update dealt concisely with the legal, parliamentary, consultation papers, financial and accounting matters, powers and remit, health and safety, expenses, salaries, liabilities, planning, borrowing, and other legislative matters that are within the remit of the Town, Parish and Community Councils of England and Wales.

It was published monthly from May 2000 to April 2024.

ALL past editions of Local Councils Update are available here