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Legal Matters

Paul Clayden has been our legal expert and an expert in local council law

He recently passed away suddenly (obituary).
Continued legal coverage will continue in due course.

His highly rated legal coverage appeared in every issue of Clerks and Councils Direct dealing with subjects that matter and affect councils most, such as the Localism Act, data protection, planning principles, acquisition and disposal of land, VAT and the role of councillors.

All his articles since January 2010 are available to subscribers of the Local Councils Update web library service on this website.           PaulClayden2016                                                

Local Councils Update deals concisely with the legal, parliamentary, consultation papers, financial and accounting matters, powers and remit, health and safety, expenses, salaries, liabilities, planning, borrowing, and other legislative matters that are within the remit of the Town, Parish and Community Councils of England and Wales.

It is published monthly and available as a hard copy and electronically on this website.

All past editions are available to view, search and print out.

See the LOCAL COUNCILS UPDATE (about us) section of this website for more information and details of how to subscribe and access this valuable resource.