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Yearbook 2023 FREE DOWNLOAD (signed in)






Now you have registered with us just click the picture above to obtain your free copy of the 25-page Clerks and Councils Direct Yearbook 2023.
This pdf may be downloaded and printed for council use only.

You also have free access to all of this website, so take your time and look at
Local Councils Update
, which deals concisely with the legal, parliamentary, consultation papers, financial and accounting matters, powers and remit, health and safety, expenses, salaries, liabilities, planning, borrowing, and other legislative matters that are within the remit of the Town, Parish and Community Councils of England and Wales.

It is published monthly and is available both as a hard copy and electronically on this site. ALL past editions of Local Councils Update are available.

We will contact you in a month's time by email with a special offer to join the site on an annual basis.