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Training bursaries for Wales clerks extended

The Society for Local Council Clerks is pleased to announce that the Minister for Public Services has agreed to continue the Wales training bursary until the end of February 2020. The bursary can be used towards the upcoming Conference for Wales.

The criteria to receive a Wales Bursary is as follows:

  • Bursary limit is 50% of the cost of the training course, conference or CPD event up to a maximum bursary payment of £100.
  • The bursary scheme is aimed at smaller councils and is open to any clerk or administrative assistant who works for a council with a turnover (i.e. annual budgeted income) of under £40,000.
  • If a clerk or administrative assistant works for more than one council, they are eligible to apply for a bursary at each of their councils, if they come within the £40,000 criteria.
  • The clerk at each eligible council can submit multiple claims during the financial year ensuring that the total does not exceed the £100 reimbursement.
  • The training course, conference or CPD event may start on the day this form is signed but must start/take place within 12 months of bursary confirmation - it cannot be claimed retrospectively. Training must be completed by 16 March 2020.
  • The Wales bursary can be used for residential events as well as one day training events.

(Published by SLCC: 4 June 2019)