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6.8 million boost helps 1,000 more rail commuters travel by bike

The Cycling and Walking Minister Michael Ellis has announced an extra 2,300 cycle spaces will be built at 48 stations across England, enabling commuters to cycle directly to the station and lock up their bike securely.

The investment is part of the Cycle Rail programme, now been backed by over £40 million from the Department for Transport. It has helped tens of thousands of cyclists to make their journeys to work joined up and sustainable.

The Cycle Rail programme has already tripled the number of cycle parking spaces at more than 500 stations, bringing the total to over 80,000. This includes the creation of integrated cycle hubs at key railway stations, including at Hove, where 150 additional bike spaces with secure key card access and CCTV have been provided, alongside a cycle maintenance, hire and repair business.

At Preston cyclist access to the station has been improved by the completion of a cycle path alongside a cycle hub, providing safe parking for more than 200 bikes.

The announcement includes financial contributions from wider station development projects, including the Chisholm Trail cycle route in Cambridge and 280 additional spaces being provided for ongoing improvement works at Chatham station in Kent.

(Published by the Department for Transport: 14 June 2019)