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Planter and bin manufacturer Amberol invites you to enter a competition to win £1,000 of planters and bins for your council.

Click the image to download the details and images to be identified. Can also be downloaded from

The Results Are In

The winner is Tracey Carpenter, Clerk, Corley Parish Council, Warwickshire, who successfully worked out the following answers:

A. Great Grey Owl
B. Framlingham Castle, Suffolk
C. Purple Gallinule or will accept Purple Swamp Hen
D. Hellebores
E. Bee Orchid
F. Amberol
G. Bodnant Gardens, Conwy, Wales
H. Japanese Witch Hazel
I. 1864
J. Poole, Dorset
K. King Vulture
L. Shelduck
M. Sandhill Crane
N. Penguin
O. Mervyn Allister King, Baron King of Lothbury, KG, GBE, DL, FBA

Amberol would like to thank the many other entrants, several of whom were extremely close to getting the answers absolutely correct.