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May Edition

You're Either Quick or Dead , warns Ramblers' Association
Published : 01 May 2003

Lives are being put at risk on hundreds of footpaths across the country due to the dangers involved when crossing roads where no provision has ... read more

2002/3 National Salary Award for Local Council Clerks - October 2002
Published : 01 May 2003

1. The National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Government Services has reached agreement on rates of pay applicable from 1st April 2003. Consequently ... read more

Greenways - every council should have one
Published : 01 May 2003

More councils should be developing Greenways as part of their solution to local transport problems, according to Countryside Agency. Greenways ... read more

Launch of first rural one-stop shop
Published : 01 May 2003

England's first centre to put a wide range of rural services under one roof has been opened by Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary ... read more

Parliamentary Statement on Town Centre Planning Policies
Published : 01 May 2003

The Government's planning policy on town centres is set out in: Planning Policy Guidance Note 6 (PPG6): Town Centres and Retail Developments ... read more

Rural Stress Action Plan receives £300,000
Published : 01 May 2003

Funding totalling £300,000 for a fourth Rural Stress Action Plan has been announced by Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael. It is part ... read more

Satellite Dishes & Other Antennas: Consultation on Possible Changes to Planning Regulations - summ
Published : 01 May 2003

Introduction 1.1 The last twenty-five years have seen a huge range of technological advances. The Internet and e-mail have revolutionised the ... read more

Satellite Dishes & Other Antennas: Consultation on Possible Changes to Planning Regulations. Respo
Published : 01 May 2003

Comments and views concerning the proposals in this consultation paper should be sent to Iain Clark at: Development Control Policy Division, ... read more

Thame Community website
Published : 01 May 2003

Thame Town Council has launched a community website, a comprehensive directory of the businesses and local groups in the town. For further ... read more

The State of the Countryside 2020
Published : 01 May 2003

Who will live in the countryside in 2020? How will rural people earn their living? What will the quality of life in the countryside be? - just ... read more

The Town & Country Planning (Prescription of County Matters) (England) Regulations 2003 (SI 2003 N
Published : 01 May 2003

Made 7th April 2003 Laid before Parliament 7th April 2003 Coming into force 28th April 2003 The First Secretary of State, in exercise of the ... read more

Trees & Problem Hedges
Published : 01 May 2003

The Branch of ODPM dealing with high hedges and amenity trees issues, including tree preservation Orders (TPOs) is now part of the Urban Policy ... read more