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March Edition

£2.25 million boost for voluntary & community organisations
Published : 01 March 2003

Voluntary and community organisations across England will receive an extra £2.25 million over the next year. The Special Grants Programme ... read more

2006 salary award for local council clerks
Published : 01 March 2003

2006 salary award for local council clerks The following rates of pay for all full time and part time local council clerks are recommended jointly ... read more

5.9% increase in funding for local services
Published : 01 March 2003

Local communities will benefit from a 5.9% increase in Local Authority funding in 2003/04. The final report showing how grant would be distributed ... read more

Annex A - Code of practice on workforce matters in local authority service contracts
Published : 01 March 2003

Workforce matters under best value 1. This document sets out an approach to workforce matters in local authority service contracts which involve ... read more

At least £75,000 extra for every local planning authority
Published : 01 March 2003

Every local planning authority will get at least £75,000 extra in the coming financial year, Planning Minister Tony McNulty has announced. ... read more

Electoral Commission to review local government electoral cycles in England
Published : 01 March 2003

Ways to simplify the timings of local elections are to be looked as part of Government measures to make voting more accessible and relevant. ... read more

Government strengthens measures to tackle two-tier workforce in local government
Published : 01 March 2003

The Government has announced measures to ensure that all employees working on local public services get treated fairly, whether they are employed ... read more

Housing the people - Growing the economy
Published : 01 March 2003

Housing in England has received a massive multi-billion pound boost as a major part of the Government's drive to tackle deprivation and shortage ... read more

Parish & town council borrowing
Published : 01 March 2003

Introduction 1. The law that allows a Parish or Town council to borrow money is contained in Paragraph 1(b) of Schedule 13 to the Local Government ... read more

Redressing the balance - Prescott sets out action plan for sustainable communities
Published : 01 March 2003

A £22 billion plan to drive forward thriving and sustainable communities for this and future generations has been announced by the Deputy ... read more

Spaces between the places get £201 million boost
Published : 01 March 2003

Britain's parks and open spaces have been shown they matter with a £201 million boost. The funding, announced by Deputy Prime Minister ... read more