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January Edition

Don't fall out over the garden hedge
Published : 01 January 2003

Neighbours shouldn't go to war over their garden hedge, Regeneration Minister Tony McNulty said when publishing a leaflet calling on neighbours ... read more

Freedom of information
Published : 01 January 2003

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, local authorities (including local councils and parish meetings) are obliged to produce a guide for ... read more

Funding boost for best value town & parish councils
Published : 01 January 2003

Forty-one best value town and parish councils across the country are set to benefit from £1.8 million of funding announced today by Local ... read more

Licensing Bill
Published : 01 January 2003

1. In April 2000 the Government published a White Paper on reforming alcohol and entertainment licensing (Time for Reform: Proposals for the ... read more

Local Government Act 1972: General Disposal Consent 2003
Published : 01 January 2003

Covering Letter 10 December 2002 Draft General Consent for the Disposal of Local Authority Land, and Accompanying Circular You may recall that, ... read more

Planning Bill
Published : 01 January 2003

Major changes to the planning system - including new roles for both business and the community - have been included in the Planning and Compulsory ... read more

Review of rural delivery arrangements
Published : 01 January 2003

Terms of Reference 1. To make recommendations on how best to improve the effectiveness of delivery arrangements for Defra's rural policies with ... read more

Review will improve government delivery in rural areas
Published : 01 January 2003

Further details of how Lord Haskins' Rural Delivery Review will improve the way in which the Government can deliver on its commitments to rural ... read more

Rolling programme for open countryside recreation
Published : 01 January 2003

Walkers will have the right of access to open countryside and registered common land a year early in some parts of England after plans for a ... read more

Sellers' packs will modernise home buying & selling process
Published : 01 January 2003

Sellers' packs will be central to the Government's major reform of the home buying and selling process, Housing Minister, Jeff Rooker, has confirmed. ... read more